Years of experience in Photography & Video

  • Main camera and B-Roll with State of the Art equipment.
  • Switched Multi-camera capability. Swift delivery of finished projects.
  • Available in multiple formats: 1080p HD, 4K, Photobooks/Albums, Social media.
  • Pre-production Engagement/Love Stories for wedding clients.
  • Same day edits or Creative post production.
  • Big Screen Presentations at event or Live Streaming on You Tube or Social Media.
  • Drone service.
  • Corporate work or Gala Events

VATcave (VideoAudioTV)
Create/Transform your basement into an elegant Home Theater.
An ultimate entertainment getaway for your family and friends.

  • Immersive high definition audio system.
  • Surround Sound with Dolby Atmos.
  • Giant Screen up to 150" or more. Brilliant HD/4K projectors.
  • Theater seating with recline function, beverage, remote controls and phone caddy/chargers.
  • Decorative movie posters and ambient LED lighting.
  • Star ceiling, wall sound absorbers for lifelike sound reproduction.
  • Amenities: Popcorn machine, Coffee/Soda bar, candy shelves, etc.
  • Game room and video game nooks

CALL FOR DETAILS. Free design and tailored cost specifications available on request.
410.491.6237 or 702.955.4340. Messages will be answered promptly.
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